Art & Everything

Art & Everything
(postcards with reproductions of A&E:

"Anna Khodorkovskaya's works included in "Art & Everything" series emphasize the neoliberal development and the connection that occurs within the artistic practice, beyond any material and capitalist interests.

Globalization (as an extrinsic term for Fordism and post-Fordism) refers to an acute process of integration and worldwide spreading of a set of ideas which are more or less linked to the economic activity and commodities production. The promoting forces in this case are the liberalization of international trade and capital fluxes, the acceleration of the information.

The messages coded in Anna Khodorkovskaya's artworks involve a suggestive intervention regarding a new approach of the mercantile side of art, the way art can interact with other media, especially advertising, and how the tools of capitalism can be used in order to convey an eloquent message."

Eugen Rădescu, curator/ theoretician
(co-founder Bucharest Biennale)