CakeMakers, 2014
Together with Masha Dabelka and Anastasiya Yarovenko

CakeMakers is a multilayered art project, which combines performance, baking and art management.

We propose a simple concept of a wooden box with a handmade cake inside as a medium and invite different artists to transform it into an art object.

For our performance we use a special trolley as a display to interact with the audience by presenting each of the artist’s work, under-covering secrets of their biography, technique and conception of every art piece. Each box has the same reasonable price, which covers expenses for a box and a cake as well as artist’s honorar.

Cake Makers is uncommercial multilayered art project, which deals with meanings of performance and art management, creating and consuming. We aim to create an accessible network to the art scene, reach new audience and support talented artists.

This is a meta art project, where every part of a single piece reserves it’s own independent value.

See full documentation of the project

Sincerely yours,
CakeMakers: Anna, Anastasiya and Masha