Cheese Art Award

Cheese Art Award named after Gray Observer
Art Prize in three nominations

Cheese Art Award named after Gray Observer is a development and extension of a one-day-action held by artist Marina Perchikhina in Moscow in 2011. At that time, in connection with the fifteenth anniversary of the work of art space "Spider & Mouse" (Moscow), artist Marina Perchikhina, also known as Mouse, held an action "Gray Observer's Prize". April 26, 2011 "Gray Observer's Prize" was awarded to the artists who fulfilled their projects in "Spider & Mouse". Considering the nature of the founder of the Prize (Mouse), awards were given in the form of cheese of different kinds.

In 2014 Marina Perchikhina died.

In 2015, in memory of an artist and a person who did a lot to support the alternative art scene in Moscow, a renewed Cheese Art Award named after Gray Observer was established. The award was held in a new format. The contest was held by way of a public competition. There were three major nominations: "Actual project", "Alternative", "A matter of taste". The Prize was awarded on the basis of the jury's decision.

In 2015 it has as well a new significance considering the situation with the Russian food embargo that began in summer 2014:
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Many of the "forbidden products" were replaced by local analogues. But some of the food has its long tradition of production in specific region, like cheese. It needs more than decades to develope the industry of its manufacture on the certain level. So since summer 2014 different sorts of cheese became a favourite souvenir for Russian tourists in Europe.

A one-day celebration-action of 2011 turned into the real Award in 2015. The truly valuable kilograms of Prizes were of course brought directly from the places of their origin.