Untitled, 2014<br/>Mixed media, hight – approx. 40 cm


"Anna Khodorkovskaya is one of those rare artists. Her practice is an elaborate one-woman show. She is the producer, director and star of the show. All in one and at the same time one in all. She is the multitude and the singular. She is a master in connecting people. They participate in her work, as well as she is supporting theirs.

In this way her object series 'Confusion' point directly to this practice. The pieces are overwhelmed by small object. Little figurines, children’s toys and collectibles form together one sculptural piece. One body of work. The art object itself is the sum of its parts. This memorabilia, those nostalgic little objects pull together to create this one piece. It’s not a question of who depends on whom. It’s an optimistic approach to life and art."

Johanna Braun, artist, curator