Jedes Stück 1 Euro!<br/>Lust Gallery, Vienna, 2014

Jedes Stück 1 Euro!

('Jedes Stück 1 Euro!', eng.– 'Every piece 1 Euro!')
A one evening action of incredible generosity! Artists were selling their pieces by themselves . Art gallery turned into a flea market. You could be very lucky to get JEDES KUNSTSTÜCK just for 1 EURO that night! But there were also some conditions for such a good deal...

"The One Euro project was great. It was in the middle of August so I wanted a fun event and Anna Khodorkovskaya didn’t disappoint me. This event included more artists then any other event in the history of Lust Gallery. Some of the works had conditions with the price and as a result there were a few friendships formed afterwards. I even became friend with two people after the show."

Max Lust, Lust Gallery Vienna