Resident: Edin Zenun<br/>Project: 1505<br/>Performance by Lyudmila Anoshenkova<br/>Live streaming, November 2012

Reality Raum Residenz
Started in October 2012

Reality Raum Residenz is an online going artistic residence, reality show and an art project, situated in student’s (Anna Khodorkovskaya’s) room in Vienna.

A resident and a host live in one room for one week together. Resident doesn’t leave the room, except of a toilet and a bathroom, and fulfills an artistic project under 24/7 camera watch.

A transit private-public situation and interactivity of the Residenz provides a possibility to create informal communication and engage participants from all over the world. Throughout the time being in Residenz a resident is working on a project to present it at the final event on the last day.

Being a frame for the other projects, R-R-R describes itself as a meta-art-project. In each new work embodied in R-R-R we try to touch and expose different issues in field of Art.